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Hollow Heartland THE PODCAST gathers friends and experts to discuss the ESSAYS of the same name. It considers the the intentional, politically motived erosion of our country's interior, both geographically and socially.


Redefining the purpose of public education with a progressive approach, Hollow Heartland suggests ways to rescue: our hometowns from becoming ghost towns, our nation from becoming ruled by kings of sand, and our children from inheriting a planet and genome embedded with our irreversible irresponsibility.


It all starts with empowering our students.



The Moirae as a PODCAST gathers a collection of the best stories from THE MOIRAE universe sampling from the conversations of the Fates, MALIGNANT: a novel, the Tangents that appears as short FREE STORIES, and other stories that grow the events woven together.

To unwind the details, the author joins the reader of the story to discuss the finer details of the story. Come for the story and stay for the behind the scences in this version of radio storytelling all situated in the same universe.

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